A Sweet Feast at the Fusion Brasserie

Our special guest, farmer Dewey Scott, enjoyed a fantastic dinner at the restaurant of our sweet potato recipe creator, Felice Tocchini.


Dewey and Heather meet Felice

Felice owns the popular and award winning Fusion Brasserie restaurant in Worcestershire. Whilst Dewey was visiting the Droitwich Food Festival, Felice cooked Dewey and his wife Heather a magnificent meal, which of course included sweet potatoes used in a number of different ways. 


Heather is joined by Irene, Claire and Ally for the special dinner

Felice, who creates each and every one of our unique recipes, also works with celebrity chef John Christophe Novelli, so was able to present Dewey and Heather with a specially signed copy of John’s latest recipe book.